Child Safe Standards Scheme – NSW

The Child Safe Standards Scheme was passed by NSW Parliament on 10 November 2021. Under the new Scheme, child-related organisations including education and early childhood, will be required to implement the 10 Child Safe Standards. Under the legislation, the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) has more power to monitor and investigate how organisations implement […]

Policy Review Routine

All tasks associated with the accuracy, relevance and delivery of your childcare service policies takes time…and a decent chunk of your sanity. It’s one of those critical responsibilities that must be embraced – but – a multitude of priorities can get in the way of good planning so we provide our members with a monthly policy […]

Reconciliation Week 2020

Reconciliation Week 27 May- 3 June 2020   A key practice in the learning frameworks of early childhood education and care is the notion of cultural competence. This applies to all cultures within our services and particularly as one of our guiding principles from the Education and Care National Law, the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres […]

Information for Early Childhood Education and Care Services Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Following the outbreak of a (new) coronavirus in December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China, confirmed cases of this disease have been recorded around the world including Australia. The Australian Government has implemented strict public health guidelines to minimise the spread of this virus and to keep our communities safe. The following information has […]

Priority of Access

Changes to the priority of access guidelines stated in the June 2019 Child Care Provider Handbook ONLY apply to approved providers of early learning and child care under the Family Assistance Law where services receive and pass on Child Care Subsidy payments to eligible families. These original guidelines were attached to the Child Care Benefit […]

Your Regular Newsletter To Families Done For You

Our newsletter resource is the perfect ‘time smart’ solution to provide a relevant and informative publication to your families each month. We’ve already researched and submitted 80% of the content for you, left space to submit service specific information and uploaded it to our newsletter library so you can download and publish at your convenience. […]

Child Care Subsidy confusion

No doubt you will have discovered there still remains some confusion over the mechanisms & final steps to implement the new childcare subsidy package. The finer details of the CWA and changes to third party software (CCMS) still need to be ironed out so we have opted to wait rather than provide you with inaccurate […]

Become a ‘time-smart’ childcare service

Tick these five critical boxes using our regular ‘do-it-with-you’ Newsletter to Families and comply with 11 separate elements of the National Quality Standard 1. ASSESSMENT AND RATING All inclusions in our newsletter resource are by design, not only to inform families but to help as a visual source of evidence for Assessors. Save hours every month, […]

How will we be supporting members into 2018 and beyond?

Our journey into the New Year begins with three major announcements for System7  subscribers: A. We are adding a fully compliant Quality Improvement Plan function – this will be an organic process so you can update at your convenience and generate a complete Q.I.P. at any stage. B. We are currently aligning the existing Pre-assessment & […]

Merging existing policies with the new & revised National Quality Standard

I have been asked by our subscribers and guests “What’s the best way to merge existing policies with the new & revised National Quality Standard?” as well as “What additional support are you providing in 2018?” I have answered these important questions below BUT if you feel you need further information please message me via […]