Policy Review Routine

All tasks associated with the accuracy, relevance and delivery of your childcare service policies takes time…and a decent chunk of your sanity.

Childcare Centre Desktop takes pride in our strong and robust Policy Review System. We are committed to ensuring each policy is updated annually to meet compliance requirements.

Reviewed by our expert Policy Review Team, each policy aligns with industry standards including the National Quality Framework, Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations, Family Assistance Law, and other relevant legislation.

Policy development is an ongoing process and an integral part of the Quality Improvement Process. Childcare Centre Desktop members have peace of mind knowing policies remain up to date.

Here’s how it all works…

Annual Updates: All policies are reviewed and updated annually.

Childcare Centre Desktop conducts a thorough, comprehensive review of all policies every 12 months in accordance with the Policy Review Calendar schedule. Policies may also be reviewed outside of this schedule, if necessary, due to changes to NQF, regulations, legislation or following member feedback.

Following the monthly policy review schedule the selected policies are uploaded to the Desktop library around the 15th of each month.

Policy Revisions:

During the policy review process, newly submitted information and text is highlighted yellow for ease of recognition and information to be deleted has a strike-through.

Highlighted text to be added and strikethroughs are to be removed during your own editing process.

Words within the policies and resources written in Italics indicate that policies, procedures, guides, forms, audits, checklists and letters are available within Childcare Centre Desktop for you to access and use.

Words written in red text indicate text that needs to be adjusted to suit your individual Service.

The header and footer can be edited to include your Service information. Refer to the Terms of Use listed at the bottom of the website under the heading ‘About’.


Members receive an email with the reviewed policies, which they can then adjust as needed.

We encourage Service’s to review all policies, procedures and resources and alter to align with your Service philosophy, Service context and your state or territory legislative requirements.

Key resources:

  • Policy Review Calendar
  • Required Policies and Procedures Guide
  • Policy and Procedure Acknowledgement Form
  • Policy and Procedure Checklist

Members can access these resources on the Compliance QA7 Governance and Leadership page of the website, scroll down to the Policy Management Module.