Your Assessment & Rating Visit

Is your Assessment & Rating visit due this year? We’ve created the organised approach to get “rating ready”. Take 5 minutes and watch the video: If you are interested in utilising System7 follow the instructions below. You will receive a 20% reduction to the listed subscription fee. (20% discount reducing the annual fee from $197 […]

Selecting staff that go the distance!

Recently I was asked by a few Desktop member’s if I had a tried & proven set of questions to support staff selection.   As far as I know a set of ‘tried & proven’ interview questions does not exist – but it presented itself as a great opportunity to do some research and attempt […]

Your Responsible People

Simplifying the Responsible Person Compliance Trail…   When the regulatory authorities simplified the process of appointing a ‘responsible person’ on duty a residue of confusion remained in respect of ‘consent’ and the requirement of displaying the name and position of that person at the Service. Now that all approved education and care service’s have a […]

Technology – Helping Early Learning Professionals and Families

“Almost everyone with children in their extended family will have a favourite anecdote demonstrating how even the youngest have greater technological awareness and familiarity than the adults around them”. Well, it’s time the oldies caught up and what better way than by accessing and utilising custom-designed software (such as that developed and licensed by Kindyhub) […]

LDCPDP Funding

After consultation with a representative of the Department of Education and Training the following guidelines were provided in respect of using your LDCPDP Funding to purchase a membership. The first two point are very important: 1. Your reason to join must support the global outcome of helping your Service to implement (And manage) the National […]