How will we be supporting members into 2018 and beyond?

Our journey into the New Year begins with three major announcements for System7  subscribers:

A. We are adding a fully compliant Quality Improvement Plan function – this will be an organic process so you can update at your convenience and generate a complete Q.I.P. at any stage.

B. We are currently aligning the existing Pre-assessment & Rating tool with the revised National Quality Standard – ready January 1, 2018.

C. And, if you have a current childcare Service [Annual] subscription to the Childcare Centre Desktop you will receive the 10% loyalty discount off System7 and the Desktop, ongoing.


1. We have completed the adjustments required to our LDC Policy Library regarding recent regulation updates and the revised National Quality Standard. [Available from 06-11-17]

2. We are in the process of adding the FDC and OSHC Policy Libraries. These will be completed by Jan 1, 2018. [Primary policies are available now]

3. All Policy Libraries will be subject to our monthly Policy Review Routine. In essence, we will alert you when the change is required. We also highlight the adjustment.

4. Quality Control Table – On January 1, 2018 we begin utilising a quality control methodology across all policy support documents such as: Procedures, Forms, Audits, Letters and Checklist. Our aim is to consolidate into only what you need and remove additional paperwork.

5. The above Quality Control process will extend across all sectors so we can supply specific policy support documents for Long Day Care, Family Day Care and Out of School Hours Care Services.

6. The ‘do-it-with-you’ Newsletters, Flyers and Announcements will continue to evolve and improve as ‘time-smart’ resources.

7. There will also be a major focus applied to the Human Resource Modules to support you further in enhancing your own teams engagement and performance.

8. Fees will not increase. Our aim has and always will be to provide a childcare service support program that you can afford irrespective of location and financial situation.

If you’re not a member and giving it some consideration follow this link to read our guarantee. Membership is risk free!

Merging existing policies with the new & revised National Quality Standard

I have been asked by our subscribers and guests “What’s the best way to merge existing policies with the new & revised National Quality Standard?” as well as “What additional support are you providing in 2018?”

I have answered these important questions below BUT if you feel you need further information please message me via the Contact page here.

Q. What’s the best way to merge our existing policies with the new & revised National Quality Standard?

Firstly, if you have been using our policy drafts and updates throughout the year you will have a current and operationally compliant policy library. No doubt each of your own documents will have been adjusted to match your own philosophy, physical environment and identity.

If this is the case, you will only need to change the referencing to the National Quality Standard which is located on the first page. A simple cut & paste will suffice. See the following images:



My advice beyond this step is to submit an item into your Quality Improvement Plan indicating that all policies have been adjusted to align with the revised NQS and throughout 2018 you will be adjusting operational statements to improve understanding and implementation.

To keep tabs on adjustments watch for alerts related to our monthly ‘Policy Review Routine’ and apply if required. Note: our adjustments will relate to regulation updates and any content adjustments that will improve delivery.

Reminder: We will be uploading the new and revised policy library on Monday, 6th November 2017. [An archive of the existing library will be kept until February 1, 2018]

If you are not a member and would like to sample a few of our resources follow this link to the FREE RESOURCES page. [Also includes a policy already aligned to the new & revised National Quality Standard]

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