Policy Review Routine

All tasks associated with the accuracy, relevance and delivery of your childcare service policies takes time…and a decent chunk of your sanity.

It’s one of those critical responsibilities that must be embraced – but – a multitude of priorities can get in the way of good planning so we provide our members with a monthly policy review routine.

Here’s how it all works…

If you have just joined you’ll see that every policy within our library has been reviewed and updated during the previous year. We track this via a Policy Review Calendar…

  1. A selection of policies is scheduled for review each month. (As per the Policy Review Calendar)
  2. A regulation change or recommended best practice will jump the queue.
  3. During the first week of each month we research, review and update the documents.
  4. Any changes are highlighted in yellow and deletions contain a strike-through.
  5. We send you an email which shows which policies have been reviewed and uploaded.
  6. You can then retrieve the related policies, make any adjustments of your own and efficiently complete your review.

Each year this gives us a planned opportunity to consider the structure and content of each document but most importantly guarantees you a current and effective policy library.