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Free Resources


Please find below a selection of the Childcare Centre Desktop's resources.

Each one is downloadable by simply clicking on the respective link and saving to your own computer. Modules, policies and related resources are reviewed regularly and new product announcements are emailed to members every Monday morning.

Childcare Policies

Our LDC, FDC and OSHC Policy Libraries span all Quality Areas of the National Quality Standard and are constantly kept up to date via our 'monthly review routine'. Each one is written as a first-draft so they can be easily amended to your own Service's style, physical environment and culture.

Childcare Procedures

Our Procedure Drafts are based on the fundamentals of operation so you can easily adapt to your Childcare Services's culture and physical environment. Good procedures support the delivery of operational behaviour outlined in each & every policy.

Newsletter Resource for your Families

Created to save you hours when publishing your regular newsletter to families. We research and generate 85% of the newsletter content each month, leave space for you to submit Service specific information and deliver the template on-time each and every month.

Editions are released to members on the 23rd of each month in readiness for the month ahead.

Pre-Assessment & Rating Checklists

Our Pre-assessment & Rating Checklists are designed to provide you with an efficient, organised approach to the assessment & rating experience - helping you recognise areas that require actioning well before your formal visit. Our checklists (Range: QA1 to QA7) are a simple guide to get you started...

Compliance: First Aid Kit Inventory and Checklist

This is one example of our Compliance Modules which extend across all Quality Areas.

It is vital that your first aid kits are fully stocked, up to date and sensibly located in readiness for any potential health & safety situation. Our First Aid Kit Inventory & Checklist has been created with reference to information provided by ACECQA, Safe Work Australia, and St Johns Ambulance.

Job Descriptions

All Job Description templates are in first-draft format so you can easily adjust to your own service's requirements and identity.

Activity Modules: Under the Sea

These modules are designed to compliment your own pedagogical framework and to encourage the children to truly connect with their experiences. The activity sheets below are from our ‘Planet’ section.

Human Resources: Forms and Templates

Our Forms and Templates are aligned to a specific routine or procedure. The Employment Application forms the start of the staff recruitment process and module.

Special Days & Event Flyers (A4)

As with the Do-It-With-You (DIWY) Newsletter resource, the Do-It-With-You Special Days & Events Flyers solve the problem of producing professional looking announcements for your noticeboard or invitations.

Includes over 100 A4 Flyers for special days or events scheduled throughout the year.


Whether it be an annual or monthly subscription, becoming a member of the Childcare Centre Desktop is RISK FREE.

Monthly terms have a minimum period of only 3 months and our yearly memberships include a 21 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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