Safe Sleep

This week is Safe Sleep Week where Red Nose Australia raises a National Awareness Campaign to help save little lives while providing practical advice to parents and caregivers to help reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected death in infancy (including SIDS and fatal sleep accidents).  Red Nose Australia is exploring their Six Safe Sleep recommendations this week across their social media channels and website.

The Six Safe Sleep Recommendations are:

  1. Place bub on their back, no need for them to sleep on their tummy or side.
  2. Keep bub’s head and face uncovered. Covering bub’s face or head with clothing like hats or headbands actually increases the risk of sudden infant death.
  3. Keep your bub smoke-free before and after birth. Having a smoke-free home and a smoke-free family is the best way to protect bub’s breathing.
  4. Safe sleeping environment for bub all day and all night. A good firm, clean and flat mattress in a safe cot is best. No need for blankets, soft bedding, toys, pillows or bumpers in the cot.
  5. Sleep bub in your room for the first 6-12 months.
  6. Breastfead bub is better.

Red Nose Australia will be running a Safe Sleep Forum for Parents on Wednesday 9th of March at 7.30pm AEDT.  The forum will cover

  • setting up a safe (but stylish) sleep space,
  • milestones to look out for with your bub,
  • and give you tips to help you see what products are useful, and what to avoid!

There will be a recording available for Health professionals regarding the Six Safe Sleep steps and will discuss the importance of language and how best to communicate to a range of culturally diverse audiences.  Check the Red Nose Australia website to register and for further information.

Childcare Centre Desktop have a comprehensive resource library which includes Safe Sleep resources.

Our Sleep and Rest Policy assists management and educators ensure that all children have appropriate opportunities to sleep, rest and relax in accordance with their individual needs. Our policy sets out quality practice and is informed by recognised and evidence-based principles. Safe Sleep practices are informed by Red Nose and guidance from ACEQCA.

Location: Childcare Policies » Quality Area 2

A Safe Sleep Audit Risk Assessment Action Plan is available as a template to ensure safe sleeping practices are implemented for all children.

Location: Compliance » Children’s Health and Safety

A Safe Sleep Audit is available as a template to maintain effective sleep and rest strategies, ensuring children’s individual sleep and rest needs are met in line with recognised safe sleeping practices.

Location: Childcare Forms » Audits

A Safe Sleep Record template is available to document physical checks that occur while children are sleeping

Location: Childcare Forms » Forms Templates