Technology – Helping Early Learning Professionals and Families

kindyhub-1“Almost everyone with children in their extended family will have a favourite anecdote demonstrating how even the youngest have greater technological awareness and familiarity than the adults around them”.

Well, it’s time the oldies caught up and what better way than by accessing and utilising custom-designed software (such as that developed and licensed by Kindyhub) and other technological innovations associated with their child’s Early Learning experiences?

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly the norm for Early Learning centres including day-care, kindergarten and pre-school facilities to utilise secure web-based technology to plan, document, monitor progress and communicate all aspects of each individual child’s achievements.

Benefits of this modern approach are many and varied, and are not restricted to the obvious simplified administration advantages for the Early Learning Professionals. Many centres currently using the Kindyhub software have been given an ‘exceeding rating’ and Childcare Centre Desktop is proud to help spread this culture of excellence in Early Learning. Parents, Grand-parents and other family members are invited to use the software’s capabilities to keep informed in what their child is up to – without having to be physically present at the relevant facility. Keeping everything online reduces the need for paper, contributing to sustainability and making a positive impact on all our children’s futures.

Kindyhub gives busy families 24-hour access to their child’s Early Learning experiences, enabling them to maintain close involvement however hectic their personal schedule. Instant communication with extended families can help improve learning outcomes for the children through sharing achievements, personalised photos, reports and messages via email, the software’s built-in Parent App or Web Portal. Family members can quickly access shared information on their smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

Easy to use and fully customisable, Kindyhub’s developers are happy to help families and Early Learning Professionals optimise their system to maximise what they get out of it. Adults no longer get left behind in the technology stakes – when the system is this straightforward, it really is child’s play.

See for yourself by trialling the software FREE for 4 weeks! As a valued client of Childcare Centre Desktop, Kindyhub is pleased to offer you a VIP deal. Simply register online for the 4 week free trial here, mention our name and upon subscription you will receive 2 months free*.

*Terms & Conditions: New customers only, on a 12 month subscription (11th & 12th months are free).