Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Planning

It’s been a year since releasing System7 (Pre-assessment Rating program) as well as a year of learning and ‘course correction’.

The full upgrade is now complete including the Quality Improvement Planning function.

Pictures tell a thousand words – here’s how it looks:

System7 Dashboard page – enter each Quality Area by selecting a panel. If a Quality Area is yet to be started it remains white, orange for ‘in progress’ and green for ‘completed’. At the top-right of the page you can create accountability by submitting a forecast submission date and at the bottom right is an overall progress measure as well as the button for generating the actual QIP in PDF format.

Quality Area Dashboard – each module represents an Element of the NQS. Some Elements require more than one Module to cover what’s required. You can move back & forth through these Modules via a button at the bottom of the page. (Not seen here)

Module page – includes the Concept, Standard Element, Regulations, what needs to be seen by an Assessor, the possible location, Pre-assessment notes area, Quality Improvement Plan area and Suggestions. We will also be adding links to required resources so if you have any gaps in your operations/compliance you can review & rectify in real time.

Generate Report function – this is where you can select between a Self-Assessment Report or your Quality Improvement Plan. Once you begin System7 and the QIP process it becomes an organic document which can be amended, archived as a PDF or printed. Your QIP will always be ready for inspection or submission.

Joining System7 is Risk Free – you receive a 21 day full money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to trial the program.

For further details follow this link to the System7 website.