Selecting staff that go the distance!

EducatorsRecently I was asked by a few Desktop member’s if I had a tried & proven set of questions to support staff selection.


As far as I know a set of ‘tried & proven’ interview questions does not exist – but it presented itself as a great opportunity to do some research and attempt to create a simple Interview Questionnaire for Early Childhood Services that will help extract all of the critical information and attributes you need to know.

For me, over & above experience & technical knowledge, I want answers or responses that will help me find out the following critical attributes of a candidate; [FREE RESOURCES LINK]

  1. Presentation & self-respect: grooming, clean & pressed clothes, the appropriate outfit for the occasion, politness, poise & confidence.
  2. Strong work ethic: the sense that they will finish what they start, be on time and do what they say they are going to do.
  3. Respect for others: the sense that they will listen, be patient and think about their own response. That they can show empathy, be courteous and when required say please and thank you.
  4. Technical experience required for the role: that they have a true understanding of the role & responsibilities they are about to apply for – and if not, the willingness and passion to learn.
  5. Longevity & career aspirations: the sense that they are moving into a position that they feel they were destined to belong.
  6. That extra 10%: that they are resourceful, think on their feet and are good problem solvers.

Those who frequently interview potential staff know this is much easier said than done. To get the desired result you need to be armed with the right questions and…not be in a hurry.

The late Steve Covey said;

“With people, if you want to save time, don’t be efficient. Slow is fast and fast is slow. Ultimately meaning, take your time! The desired result and future investment warrants a good decision, not a hasty one.

REMEMBER – it’s not always the most academic candidate but the candidate with an ability & willingness to learn.

After careful deliberation the ‘Interview Questionnaire’ has been added to the Childcare Centre Desktop’s Human Resource area. This section also includes the following documents to support your recruitment process;

  • Interview Questionnaire [As described above]
  • Code of Conduct Statement
  • Confirmation of Employment Draft
  • Employment Application plus Application Checklist
  • Employee Induction Checklist
  • Staff Handbook [Detailed]

Free Resources – this link will take you to a page where you can register for a series of our free documents and templates.