Our annual (12 month) membership contains a 100% Satisfaction – 21 Day Money Back Guarantee.

In the event that the Childcare Centre Desktop’s programs, products and resources are not meeting your expectations you will be eligible for a full refund of the subscription amount paid if:

  • You contact us within 21 days of the subscription start date
  • A refund is not payable after the 21 day period has lapsed.

Refunds are not payable on the quarterly (3 monthly) subscription option as these can be cancelled during or at the conclusion of the first subscription period. (Or anytime thereafter)


Subscriptions set up online by the user can be cancelled by logging in to your account.

Subscriptions – NEW PayPal, eWAY
1. Login to your Dashboard
2. Click on My Subscription on left hand panel
3. Your active subscription will be listed at the top (it provides next payment date). 
4. Under Actions: You have the option to “Cancel” or “Change Payment” 
5. Click Cancel. This will set your account to pending cancellation, and your account will close at the end of the term.
An automatic message will be generated from the Desktop confirming that your subscription has been cancelled.
Note: With PayPal – you can cancel your payment agreement from your individual PayPal account. We would encourage you to cancel directly via the Dashboard to ensure it is processed correctly.
Subscriptions set up manually must be cancelled by our own Accounts Department. Requests for cancellation must be applied for in writing via our Contact Us page.
Manual Memberships – Old PayPal, Bank Transfer, Complimentary, 
  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Click on My Membership on left hand panel
  3. Under Membership details, click Cancel.
Note: This does not automatically alert our Accounts Department. Please submit a cancellation request by email.
For memberships with Debit Success, we will need to cancel your payment agreement on your behalf by phoning Debit Success. Clicking cancel on your Dashboard will not cancel the payment agreement automatically.