Prescribed Information to be displayed

Display of information required at a Service (Source: ACECQA)

An Approved Provider must ensure that a range of prescribed information is displayed at the entrance of the service, including:

  • The name of the Approved Provider and the name of the education and care service
  • The provider approval number and service approval number
  • Any conditions on the provider approval and service approval
  • The name of the Nominated Supervisor or, if the Nominated Supervisor is a member of a prescribed class, the class
  • The service’s current rating level for each Quality Area and the overall rating
  • Details of any waivers held by the service, including elements or regulations waived, duration of the waiver and whether the waiver is a service or temporary waiver
  • The hours and days of operation of the service
  • The name and telephone number of a person at the service to whom complaints may be addressed
  • The name and position of the responsible person in charge at any given time
  • The name of the educational leader
  • The contact details of the Regulatory Authority
  • If applicable, a notice stating that a child who has been diagnosed as at risk of anaphylaxis is enrolled at the service
  • If applicable, a notice of an occurrence of an infectious disease at the service.

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