Human Resources

Human Resources

Managing the human resource element in any childcare service business can be complex and challenging. Each one of us is unique - we have our own personality, approach to life and of course, work ethic.

To maximise ‘opportunity’ and ‘productivity’ for each individual person on your team you must take responsibility from the start by providing:

1. Realistic expectations via Job Descriptions and Routine Checklists
2. Effective monitoring via performance reviews & counselling
3. Professional development via self assessment & training

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Current Library of Resources

  • Director - Job Description
  • Office Administration - Job Description
  • Nominated Supervisor - Job Description
  • Educational Leader - Job Description
  • Room Leader - Job Description
  • Educator - Job Description
  • Trainee - Job Description
  • Cook - Job Description
  • FDC Field Worker - Job Description
  • FDC Administration Officer - Job Description
  • OSHC Bus Driver - Job Description
  • Animal Caretaker - Role Responsibilities
  • Art and Craft Sustainability Officer - Role Responsibilities
  • Events and Community Officer - Role Responsibilities
  • First Aid Officer - Role Responsibilities
  • Inspirational Officer - Role Responsibilities
  • Work Health and Safety Officer -Role Responsibilities
  • Director - Routine Checklist
  • Nominated Supervisor - Routine Checklist
  • Educational Leader - Routine Checklist
  • Room Leader - Routine Checklist
  • Interview Questionnaire
  • Employment Application
  • New Employee Application Checklist
  • New Employee Induction Checklist
  • Confirmation of Employment
  • Staff Handbook Version 2
  • Staff Performance Review
  • Staff Goals Review Cycle
  • Employee Exit Guide
  • Employee Exit Checklist
  • Employee Exit Survey
  • Educational Leader - Guidelines
  • Cook - Qualifications Guidelines (NSW Gov’t)

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