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Special Days and Event Flyers

As with the DONE-FOR-YOU (DFY) Newsletter resource, the DONE-FOR-YOU Special Days & Event Flyers solve the problem of producing professional looking announcements for your noticeboard, invitations or activities.

We complete the art work and 90% of the message content. You simply add any Service specific information, then print & display or save as a PDF and email to families.

This page is just an overview of what’s available. To access each module you need to first login then go to the orange BROWSE RESOURCES button above.

Current Library of DFY Flyers

The DFY Special Days & Event Flyers are either related to important days throughout the year or annual community events. Each set are created / reviewed and uploaded to the members area prior to the beginning of each new month.

Another 'time-smart' resource from the Childcare Centre Desktop.

Follow the 'Browse Resources' link and select the month you need.