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The Compliance area includes a consistently growing library of coaching & implementation packages supporting the seven quality areas of the National Quality Standard.

Each one is designed to help you and your team not only understand the related compliance issues of a given task but also provide simple implementation steps and the ongoing management routine. We provide a description, simple work instructions and necessary templates to help you get the job done in the least amount of time & effort.

This page is just an overview of what’s available. To access each module you need to first login then go to the orange BROWSE RESOURCES button above.

QA1 Educational Program and Practice

  • Assessment, Planning and Programming
  • Learning Stories
  • Exceeding Themes
  • Inclusion Support Program
  • Special Days and Events Calendar

QA2 Children’s Health and Safety

  • Bush Fire Emergency Management
  • Control of Infectious Diseases
  • Child Protection
  • Child Safe Standards (NSW based services)
  • Child Safe Environments (South Australia based services)
  • Child Safety and Wellbeing Module (Victorian based services)
  • Emergency Management Plan (EMP)
  • Emergency Management
  • Excursion Risk Assessment and Management Plan
  • First Aid Kit Inventory & Checklist
  • Incursion Risk Assessment and Management Plan
  • Refusal of Authorisation (Collection of a child)
  • Risk Assessment Guide, Procedure and Action Plans
  • Work Health and Safety Manual
  • Emergency Evacuation Rehearsal
  • Emergency Evacuation Incident
  • Lockdown Rehearsal Guide
  • Medical Conditions
  • Carpark Safety Guide and Checklist
  • Nutrition & Food Safety Management
  • Clean, Maintenance & Risk Audit
  • Outdoor Environment and Playground Safety
  • Update Emergency Information
  • Safe Sleep and Rest Management
  • Safe Transportation Risk Management
  • Supervision Management
  • Home Safety Risk Assessment - FDC

QA3 Physical Environment

  • Environmental Responsibility Audit
  • Sustainability Commitment Statement
  • Physical Environment and Parent Journey Audit
  • Audit and Replenish Resources

QA4 Staffing Arrangements

  • Children in the Workplace
  • Mentorship Program Resource
  • Responsible Person Consent

QA5 Relationships with Children

  • Behaviour Guidance
  • Behaviour Guidance - Biting Behaviour Module
  • Behaviour Guidance - Bullying Response Module

QA6 Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

  • Enrolment Pack
  • Termination of Enrolment - Service Request
  • Termination of Enrolment - Family Request
  • Early Childhood Intervention Management
  • Transition to School
  • Transition Support Resources
  • Connecting with new parents & children
  • Family Goal Suggestions
  • Schedule Family Committee Meeting

QA7 Governance and Leadership

  • COVID-19
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Management
  • Long Day Care
  • Outside School Hours Care
  • Family Day Care
  • Complaints / Grievance Management
  • Evidence of Working Directly with Children
  • Quality Improvement Plan - V.4
  • Financial Control
  • Prescribed Information to be displayed
  • Philosophy Development and Review Module
  • Privacy Law Compliance
  • Compliance Module
  • Records and Retention
  • The Policy Evaluation Cycle
  • Policy Management
  • Policy to Procedure Guide
  • Managing Professional Development
  • The Team Meeting