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Commercial DIWY


The Commercial Do-It-With-You (DIWY) modules are based around the influence of what we call the Commercial Seasons. Resources are delivered via a routine that incorporates all of the necessary steps & strategies to increase and maintain your service’s occupancy levels. These steps and strategies are contained in three distinct modules:
* The Promotional Season – August to December
* The Follow-up Season – January to March
* The Experience Season – April to July

Even if you are well advanced in managing your promotional activities simply following this journey may save you from a level of complacency that can, if allowed, move you in the wrong direction.

IMPORTANT: Read Step One: MINDSET before moving on to the resources…

Step One - MINDSET

Promotion When You’re Not Promoting

We all know that ‘time’ is precious. In my opinion ‘time’ is fast becoming the global currency of developed nations. You only have to reflect on movies like ‘In-Time’ starring Justin Timberlake to gain a bleak yet potentially accurate forecast.
We provide the Do-It-With-You style of programs so you can maximise your time. It’s about leverage and being able to achieve more than one outcome at the same time.
It’s important to understand that the Commercial Seasons routine has been designed to work in this fashion. Basically from the operational level outwards, achieving quality care and a ‘presence’ for those who see & feel it. 
We must ‘get-it’ that the ‘experience’ of the business is in fact it’s biggest promotional opportunity. Delivering a great experience will generate a greater number of referrals.
Keep in mind the opposite is true and moves at a much faster pace – deliver a bad service and the spiral will hit rock bottom before you know it.
My logic in stating the above is purely to highlight the fact that when we say ‘promotion & profit’ we are also saying; quality childcare experience. 
In the first module (Foundations) we aim to ensure you have specific resources in place to manage the Promotional Season and beyond.
This page is just an overview of what's available.

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