Childcare Letters

Childcare Letters

Based on the principle that it's much quicker and easier for you to create childcare service letters from 'first-drafts' we have undertaken to grow a library of documents used in all facets of managing a childcare facility, from simple welcome letters to sensitive messages involving fee or structure changes.

Each childcare service letter template is created in a WORD format so editing and 'copy-paste' functions are familiar, easy and best of all - quick.

This page is just an overview of what's available. To access each module you need to first login then go to the orange BROWSE RESOURCES button above.

Current Library of Letters

  • Emergency Evacuation Rehearsal letter to families - QA2
  • Exclusion Letter: Head Lice - QA2
  • Exclusion Letter: Conjunctivitis - QA2
  • Exclusion Letter: Diarrhea or Vomiting - QA2
  • Exclusion Letter: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease - QA2
  • Family Goal Sheet - QA6
  • Family Committee Meeting Announcement - QA6
  • Family Committee Meeting Agenda - QA6
  • Family Committee Meeting Minutes - QA6
  • General Satisfaction Survey - QA6
  • Orientation Survey for New Parents - QA6
  • Sharing Cultural Experiences - QA6
  • Share a Story about your Profession - QA6
  • Forward Bill Fees - QA7
  • Fee Increase letters - QA7
  • Late Collection of Children - QA7
  • Late Collection Fees - QA7
  • Late Delivery of Children - QA7
  • New Staff Member Introduction Letter - QA7
  • Refer a Family - QA7
  • Toys and Children's Belongings - QA7

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