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Child Initiated Activity Modules

Our Child Initiated Activity modules are designed to compliment your own pedalogical framework and to encourage the children to truly connect with their experiences. It is important to use these modules as a guide and to critically reflect upon your own thoughts, ideas and strategies.

In order to ensure that a ‘best practice’ approach is maintained, these modules should be used not as a replacement of your own ideas & experience but rather, a platform from where Educators can scaffold and support the children’s interests.

This page is just an overview of what’s available. To access each module you need to first login then go to the orange BROWSE RESOURCES button above.

Current Library of Activities:

  • All About Me
  • Living Earth
  • Little Seed
  • Easy Being Green
  • Colours of the Rainbow
  • Caterpillars to Butterflies
  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Under the Sea
  • Summer Fun
  • The Abc's
  • Out of Space
  • Weather
  • Seasons
  • On the Farm

Latest Activity Module - On the Farm

Teaching ‘agriculture’ to young children within the Early Childhood curriculum is extremely important as questioning, discussion and discovery helps to foster the concept of sustainability and helps to build vital links between rural and urban communities.

Our ‘On the Farm’ Activity Module assists young children to develop an awareness and appreciation of where our food comes from and what it takes to produce food. Through investigation of plants and animals, children’s knowledge of farming is supported and extended. .

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