Are you looking for guidance on how to ensure staff follow Service policies and procedure effectively? Look no further- Introducing our new comprehensive guide and tips, designed to help you to ensure your staff understand and comply with Service policies and procedures.

Regulation 170 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations state mandatory requirement of ensuring staff members, students, volunteers and nominated supervisors follow policies and procedures required under Regulation 168.

Childcare Centre Desktop has developed a guide to provide tips and guidance to ensure staff, students, volunteers and nominated supervisors understand and follow Service policies and procedures effectively.

The guide covers the following essential topics:

  • 📋 Induction and Orientation Processes
  • 📘 Staff Handbook
  • 📋 Student and Volunteer Handbook
  • 📘 Policies and Procedures Available
  • 📋 Policy Review Process
  • 📘 Regular Audits
  • 📋 Professional Development
  • 📘 Performance Management
  • 📋 Disciplinary Action

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