How to login to the Childcare Centre Desktop using our 2-step authentication process.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login (in the top toolbar)

  3. The login box will appear – login with your primary user email and password (this is the email address we have linked to your account for the Desktop)

    If your login details are incorrect, an error message will appear.

    You can either try again, or click Lost your password? to activate a reset email. You will need to enter your primary user email to reset your password.

  4. For the first time logging in – You will be given the option to choose to receive your code via an authenticator app, or via email (email preference is permanent – but can be reset by our Administrators if required. Contact [email protected] )

    Select your preferred option and click NEXT STEP.

    If you selected via an authenticator app, please download the Google Authenticator app – our preferred method for authentication is Authenticator app, it’s fast, reliable and has a better user experience over email. – however there are alternatives to choose from (Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, Last Pass Authenticator, Free OTP, Okta)

    NOTE – You must have a smart device for this option to work successfully.
  5. Grab your smart device – You’ll need to open your Authenticator app and then click on Scan a QR Code (within the app)
    Scan the QR code you see on your screen (similar to below)

    An account will be added to your Authenticator app, and a six digit code will be generated for the Childcare Centre Desktop. This code lasts approximately 30seconds and will refresh automatically on your smart device. Click on I’M READY:

  6. Submit your authentication code into the next pop up box and click on Validate & Save

  7. You’ll be successful when the next text box allows you to click on ‘Close Wizard’.
    If your code is invalid, wait until a new code is generated automatically and submit the latest code. You will automatically be taken to your Dashboard – you are now successfully logged in.


Once you have set up your Authenticator app as an option.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login (in the top toolbar)
  3. Submit your login details
  4. The next pop up box will now look like this:
  5. Go to your your Authenticator app on your smart device
  6. Your automatic code will be generated. Submit this Authentication Code into the text box and click on login.
  7. You will automatically be taken to your dashboard – you are now successfully logged in.