The challenge of compliance and best practice processes is complex and time consuming, so we have teamed up with 1Place Childcare. Together, utilising our own unique experience and resources we wanted to give you an option of how to manage your service audits and checklists, risk free.

If you’re at the stage of seeking online efficiency we’ve set up a place where you can test, play and become familiar with this emerging style of documentation.

Our free trial allows you to complete the following critical checklists:

      • Open and Close Checklist (Daily)
      • Transport Pick up / Drop off Checklist (TBA)
      • Car Park Safety Checklist (TBA)
      • Emergency Evacuation Rehearsal (Quarterly)
      • Emergency Kit Audit (Quarterly)
      • Emergency Lockdown Rehearsal (Quarterly)

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More about 1Place Childcare

Compliance is just the beginning. 1Place Childcare software standardises processes in your centers, so you can make best practice the new standard. Move your forms, checklists and processes online, for real-time visibility and improved productivity – whether you’re in the center or managing operations remotely.